Fluorine-free waterproofing agent for fabric textile
C6 durable water-resistant waterproofing agent
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LeMan Suzhou Polymer Technology Co., Ltd is a high-tech enterprise with main business of R&D, production and sales of textile chemicals, such as waterproof and oil proof agent.
We are committed to cutting-edge application technology in textile chemical industry (e. g. water/oil proof agent and fluorine free Waterproof Agent) in order to promote the industrialization…


Formation theory of waterproof agent function.

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application technology in textile chemical industry in order to promote the industrialization.

China Suzhou Leman Polymer Technology Co., Ltd. is a chemical manufacturer with complete products, direct from the manufacturer, focusing on the field of waterproof, oil-proof and anti-fouling fabrics

Waterproof treatment method for leather surface

1、 Waterproofing method for suede leather surface High performance waterproofing agents or waterproofing mixed solvents containing S1 or F are required for the waterproofing treatment of suede leather. The waterproof treatment agent shall be proportioned according to the standard concentration, ...

Waterproof and humid film technology on the assault clothing fabric

With the gradual recovery of the outdoor sports industry, in 2023, outdoor sports showed an explosive growth trend. According to the data of Xiaohongshu, in October 2023, outdoor users increased by more than 100%month -on -month. Outdoor sports have gradually moved towards life, nationalization, ...