Discussion on Waterproof Agent

» Waterproof spraying of water based solvent
» Dilution spraying with ether solvent
» No smell or white mark
» Widely used for surface water/oil proof of shoes, leather, PU and stones
» Excellent waterproof effect for air drying at room temperature


Waterproof Agent for 3D Fly Knit Fabric

Waterproof of fly knit shoe surface is an important part of 3D fly knit shoe material processing.
Choose different waterproof agent and technology according to different materials
Avoid irritating solvent smell and excellent water/oil proof effect without drying

Waterproof/Water Absorption of Fabric

Moisture absorption of fabric lining
Water removal of outer layer and easy to handle
Moisture absorption of inner layer and waterproof of outer layer, suitable for sports
Polo shirt, woven and knitted functional shirt

Triple-proofing Finishing Agent

Fluorocarbon polymer emulsion with C6 structure
Excellent water, oil and plasma repellent; alcohol resistant, hydrostatic pressure resistant and antistatic
Used for medical non-woven fabrics

Anti Acid and Alkali Finishing

Polymer emulsion with ether fluorocarbon polymer structure
Used for anti acid and alkali protective clothing
Excellent water/oil repellent performance
Acid and alkali liquor and other chemicals not easy to penetrate after anti acid and alkali finishing
Excellent washing resistance
Effectively meet the requirements of GB24540-2009
Effectively meet the requirements of EN13034
Good versatility for all kinds of fabrics

LAD Air Drying and Wear Resistant

Fluorocarbon polymer emulsion with C6 structure
Washable products with excellent water washing resistance and dry cleaning effect
Excellent water/oil repellent effect after air drying
80-90 min of water repellent effect after air drying
5 level of oil repellent effect
Excellent waterproof effect even after drying at room temperature or air drying

High Water Pressure Resistant Waterproof HH

Super anti splash and strong water pressure resistance
Widely used in the processing of various coated fabrics
Suitable for fabrics with high water pressure requirements

Initial Waterproof Performance is Poor


First, processing cloth: refined or dyeing cloth is not fully cleaned.

Second, the problem of working liquid: The concentration of use is improper or the concentration in processing changes, or the work solution is affected by mechanical stirring, temperature, and spelling agents, and stability is affected. There is another improper order of work liquid.

Third, the reasons for processing conditions: The choice of waterproofing agent is not proper, or the drying and baking conditions are insufficient, and they are not uniform.


1. Before waterproof processing, the processing cloth should be fully washed;

2. Choose a waterproofing agent suitable for processing fiber, and continue to supplement the new prepared work solution as much as possible during processing;

3. Strengthen the temperature management of the processing cloth to avoid the hot cloth after drying directly into the people's studio;

4. Understand the compatibility of the spelling agent, and prepare the work solution in the order of allocation;

5. The prepared working liquid needs to be used within 24h;

6. Dry and roasting temperature should be uniform, and the roasting temperature should not be too low, generally above 140 °C.

The Reasons and Countermeasures of the Sticky Roller During Waterproof and Oil -Proof

1. Differences of product stability: Under the same process conditions, the probability of different waterproof oil -proof rollers is very different. Adding filling doses to increase the waterproof oil -proof agent with solid mass scores will cause product stability to decrease.

2. Equipment: When the rough rolls on the surface are soaked with waterproof oil -proof, the surface of the roll is easily stained with precipitated objects, and the probability of a sticky roller generated by the steam baking cylinder will increase significantly.

3. Residual aids on the fabric surface: The pre -poison fabric is not cleaned, and the residue is more than more pineral surface active agent. White polyester cloth will appear more white spots during waterproof and oil -proof treatment, and the sticky roller phenomenon is serious: the same specifications of the dye cloth are better, because after the dye cloth is dyed at high temperature, the cloth residues are mostly decomposed at high temperature. The face is cleaner.

The solution is to strengthen the cleaning of the cloth surface.

4. Processing environment: The sticky roller phenomenon is seasonal, and it is concentrated in summer and autumn. During waterproof oil and oil -proof processing, the probability of the temperature of the temperature exceeds 35 ° C is significantly increased. There is also the oversold of groundwater organic matter that can easily cause stickiness.

The solution is to use tap water and clean up the dirt on the rolling.

Poor Performance of Waterproofing Agent


The processing fabric is not sufficient; the processing conditions, especially the baking conditions, are not in line with.


After dyeing directly or active dyes, the cloth with fixed color should be washed. Choose the right cross -linked agent or resin and use it during the shelf life.

Waterproof strip spots


The processing fabric is not sufficient; the processing conditions, especially the baking conditions, are not in line with.


After dyeing directly or active dyes, the cloth with fixed color should be washed. Choose the right cross -linked agent or resin and use it during the shelf life.

Waterproof Stain


Poor stability of the working liquid: After stirring at high speed, check whether there is a residue on the surface and the roller of the working liquid. You can also touch it with your hands.


Note that the temperature of the working solution does not exceed 35 °C; when the malignant bubble is found, the stabilizer (isopenol) is added.

The Color Light Has Changed a Lot


The main cause of color and light changes is caused by the deepening effect of fluorine resin. This is also a phenomenon that cannot be completely avoided during waterproof processing.


Solving color light changes can be confirmed through the preparation test, and then coloring is performed; it is supplemented as timely and timely in time.

Durable Water/Oil Proof Tool Processing
140 points or 7 grades of initial oil proof
Resistant to water washing for 30 times with over waterproof level 3 and oil proof level 5
Excellent triple-proofing effect under low temperature processing
Dry wet grinding with color fastness improved 0.5 to 1 level

Pre-Waterproof before Coating

No influence on peel strength of coating and excellent solvent resistance.Excellent continuity Excellent processing stability Polymer emulsion with fluorocarbon polymer structure.Can be used for outdoor tent fabric and high-grade luggage fabric. It is required for over 90 points before coating and over 80 points after coating.No influence on peel strength.