Waterproof and humid film technology on the assault clothing fabric

With the gradual recovery of the outdoor sports industry, in 2023, outdoor sports showed an explosive growth trend. According to the data of Xiaohongshu, in October 2023, outdoor users increased by more than 100%month -on -month. Outdoor sports have gradually moved towards life, nationalization, walking, cycling, climbing, camping, etc., have become a new lifestyle, while assault jackets have become one of these indispensable equipment in these outdoor sports. According to the JD platform data, the turnover of the “Double Eleven” charge in 2023 increased by more than 100%year -on -year.

The core function of the assault jacket is waterproof and breathable, while waterproof and wet film is the key to the assault jacket to achieve this function. Waterproof and humid membrane is a high -molecular film material with dual function of waterproof and wetting. After composite the textile fabrics, it can prepare functional fabrics with water -resistant permeability and water vapor. The waterproof and humid membrane on the textile market mainly includes two categories: hydrophilic membrane and hydrophobic micropodes. The following will focus on the polytrafluoroethylene membrane (PTFE), PU micropores, and electrostatic spinning nano -fiber membrane often adopted by outdoor jacket brands.

1. PTFE film

The PTFE molecular main chain is the carbon chain structure. Due to the large radius of fluorine atoms, the carbon atom can be completely covered. At the same time, the C -F key has high bond energy, so that the PTFE has unique performance, such as excellent surface lubrication Vigorous, chemical resistance, heat -resistant and climatic resistance, etc. At the same time, the PTFE molecule has a low surface tension and has a good water hate. It is an excellent waterproof material.

2. P Weixong membrane

The full name of PU is polymethlate, which has the characteristics of high strength, chemical resistance, abrasion resistance, low temperature, oil resistance, etc., and has a wide range of applications in the polymer film material industry. In the PU molecular chain structure, the soft segment and the hard segment are alternately. According to the different PU soft segment groups, the polyether -type PU and polyester PU can be divided into polyether -type PU. The existence of the intact water group in the PU makes the membrane have a certain hydrophilicity, and the hydrophilicity of the PU membrane can change with the changes in the humidity of the inside and outside of the membrane, indicating that the humidity performance of the membrane changes with the humidity. The hard segment of PU is generally composed of isocyanate group, which enables the membrane to have hydrophobic performance and can prevent water droplets from passing. The common effect of soft and hard segments makes PU membranes have waterproof and humidity.

3. electrostatic spinning nano -fiber membrane

With the development of electrostatic spinning technology, PU and its co -mixture micro -pores prepared through electrostatic spinning technology have also emerged in the textile field. Static spinning nano -fiber membrane has a adjustable pore structure, easy to regulate moisture and good pore connection, and shows huge potential in preparing waterproof and humidity membranes.

Post time: Jun-05-2024