Ecological Anionic Fluorine-Free Waterproof Agent WSA-A

Ecological Anionic Fluorine-Free Waterproof Agent WSA-A

Short Description:

WSA-A is a polymer emulsion based on modified polyurethane system. It is a fabric waterproofing agent with excellent performance and does not contain organic fluorine components.

1.Modified polyurethane fluorine-free waterproofing agent suitable for all fabrics

2.Highly washable

3.Good stability and sustainability, not sensitive to impurities

4.Excellent initial waterproofing effect


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Appearance:Milky white to slightly yellow
Ionicity:weak anion
Solid content:30%
Solubility:Dispersible in water at any proportion


Reference Dosage:

Polyester fabric: 30g/L~50g/L (170℃×1min)
Nylon fabric: 30g/L~50g/L (170℃×1min)
Polyester-cotton blend: 40g/L~80g/L (170℃×2min)
Leather/Superfiber: 70g/L~80g/L (150℃×7min)



1.If you need to adjust the hand feel, avoid using cationic silicone softeners. You can use fatty acid ester softeners in the same bath, but sufficient tests must be conducted before use.
2.In order to ensure the best water-repellent performance of fluorine-free waterproofing agent WSA-A, the pH value of the padding working fluid should be controlled at neutral to weakly alkaline 7-8. If the pH value is too low, alkali solution can be added to adjust.
3.In order to maintain the stability of the working fluid, the cloth surface must be treated as cleanly as possible without other surfactants, and the fabrics to be finished should be fully washed.
4.This product is easily dispersed into water. Try to avoid high-speed stirring when mixing materials.
5.Please use it as soon as possible after opening. Pay attention to sealing to prevent evaporation and avoid open flames and direct exposure to the sun.
6.Storage temperature is between -5℃~40℃, avoid freezing.

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  • Application scope of this product:Polyester, nylon, cotton, polyester/cotton, polyester/viscose and other fabrics

    Water repellent: 4 stars
    Oil repellent: /
    Durability: 2 stars
    Low temperature resistance:/
    Stain repellency: /


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