Spray Solvent-based Waterproof Agent M-600 (C6)

Spray Solvent-based Waterproof Agent M-600 (C6)

Short Description:

M-600 is a high molecular polymer emulsion based on silicone system.Needs to be diluted with solvents such as ethyl acetate for use.

1. Can be sprayed on various textiles, leather, synthetic leather, paper, shoe materials and other substrates

2. Can be diluted with petroleum solvents in any proportion

3. Excellent water repellent effect can be achieved after natural drying

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Ingredients: hydrofluoroether,petroleum ether,fluoropolymer
Appearance: white transparent liquid
Odor: slightly pungent
Solid content: 18%
Ionicity: weak cation
PH value: 5-6
Solubility: completely insoluble in water


Reference dosage:

10% diluted in recommended diluent solvent, then put into spray tank for use


1. Before using it with other additives,the compatibility should be confirmed through preliminary tests.
2. When there are hydrophilic substances remaining from previous processing on the processing cloth,it will affect the processing effect.Therefore, the cloth must be cleaned before waterproof and oil-proof processing.
3. If baking is required during processing, the baking must be sufficient,otherwise it will affect its performance.
4. Please use up the working fluid containing waterproofing agent and mixed chemicals within 12 hours.The stability and performance of the working fluid left for a long time must be confirmed before use.
5. Please use it as soon as possible after opening, and pay attention to sealing to prevent evaporation and avoid open flames and direct exposure to the sun.
6. The storage temperature is between -5℃~40℃ and avoid freezing.

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  • Application scope of this product: polyester, nylon, cotton, polyester/cotton, polyester/viscose and other fabrics.


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