Ecological Anti-siphon Fluorine-Free Waterproof Agent WSA-07

Ecological Anti-siphon Fluorine-Free Waterproof Agent WSA-07

Short Description:

WSA-07 is a polymer emulsion based on acrylic system.It is a fabric waterproofing agent with excellent performance

1.Can be used for anti siphon finishing of fabrics

2.The treated fabric can also maintain the same color and luster as the original fabric

3.Has a certain degree of resistance to static water pressure

4.No PFAS/PFCS at all,environmental-friendly products.



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Appearance: Milky white liquid
Solid content: 26%
Ionicity: weak cation
PH value: 3-5
Solubility: Dispersible in water at any proportion


Reference Dosage:

Polyester fabric: 30g/L~50g/L (170℃×1min)
Nylon fabric: 25g/L~40g/L (170℃×1min)
Polyester-cotton blend: 40g/L~80g/L (170℃×2min)



Store in a cool and ventilated warehouse with a storage period of eight months



1. Before using it with other additives, the compatibility must be confirmed through preliminary tests.
2. When there are hydrophilic substances remaining from previous processing on the processing cloth, it will affect the processing effect. Therefore, the cloth must be cleaned before waterproof and oil-proof processing.
3. If baking is required during processing, the baking must be sufficient, otherwise it will affect its performance.
4. Please use up the working fluid containing waterproofing agent and mixed chemicals within 12 hours. The stability and performance of the working fluid left for a long time must be confirmed before use.
5. Please use it as soon as possible after opening, and pay attention to sealing to prevent evaporation and avoid open flames and direct exposure to the sun.
6. The storage temperature is between -5℃~40℃ and avoid freezing.

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  • Application scope of this product:polyester/nylon/cotton/paper/polyester/cotton/polyester/ viscose/leathers and other fabrics.

    Water repellent: 5 stars
    Oil repellent: /
    Durability: 4 stars
    Low temperature resistance: 3 stars
    Stain repellency: /

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